How Many Lessons To Pass Driving Test – Guide And Information

This has to be the most common question asked by learner drivers and understandably so. You want to know what the cost will be and you would also like to pass your driving test in as little time as possible.

It really is a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ type question. Every learner driver is different and some people will progress much quicker than others.

No instructor can, nor should they, guarantee you passing first time and it would be wrong for them to do so.

Obviously, you will not be encouraged to apply for your test until your instructor feels you are competent enough to pass but on the actual test day, nerves may get the better of you. So, although you might be competent with the practical skills, mentally and emotionally you might not have been prepared.

On the day of your practical test you should be mentally and physically prepared. However, no instructor can truly predict how a pupil will cope under test conditions.

Ever since the driving test was made compulsory in the UK, pupils have put themselves under immense pressure to pass. This can result in the pupil not being successful on the day of their test.

In order to combat these pressures and emotions, it is a very useful exercise for the pupil to experience what it is like to be “under test conditions”. From the early stages in a pupil’s tuition, it is very important to instil a positive mental attitude and if needs be, discuss any emotions they may feel and try to eliminate any negativity.

As a pupil approaches test standard, it is good practice for your instructor to arrange a mock test. The mock test is designed to give the pupil an insight in to a real test and is carried out under test condition, where the instructor will play the part of the examiner.

This is a practice that PSJ Driver Training use and one which their pupils have found very helpful. It is a fantastic way for you to experience how you will deal with your emotions, feelings and pressure of the driving test. Also, it gives your instructor an indication as to how you may react on the day.

Whether you pass or fail the mock test, it will provide both parties with a solid foundation on which to fine-tune your driving skills for the future.