Driving Theory Test Information

The Driving Theory Test is an essential part of learning to drive and being well prepared to sit your theory test is also essential, if you are to be successful in passing the test.

On the day of your Theory Test, you will need to present both parts of your photo card licence at the test centre.

The Driving Theory Test, is made up of two parts.

Part 1: Part one is a multiple choice section that is based on  a series of questions that cover several different areas such as:

Knowing the Highway Code, Traffic Signs and the essential skill required for driving.

Before your actual Driving Theory Test begins, you will be allocated a 15 minute practice session. The answers you provide during this practice session to not count towards your final score.

Driving Theory Test Questions

This part of the Driving Theory Test consists of 50 questions in total and you are required to answer 43 of the questions correctly to pass this part.

During the test, you will be given questions that will appear or your screen and then you will also be presented with number of different answers. You will need to click on the answer that you think is correct.

Please Note: Some questions do have more than one correct answer and if you have not answered the correct amount, you will be prompted on your screen.

As well as single questions, there are also several questions throughout the test that are a in the form of a ‘Case Study’. You will need to read the ‘Case Study’ and then you will be presented with 5 questions relating to the ‘Case Study’.

Part 2: Hazard Perception

The Hazard Perception part of the test has 14 film clips and each one of the clips has a developing hazard but one of them will have two. This part of the Theory Test is designed to test pupils on there reactions and how they respond to certain hazards and what actions they take.

This part of the test carries 75 points and you will need to get 44 Points out of 75 to pass the Hazard Perception part of the Driving Theory Test.

Watch The Video Below To Learn More About The Driving Test Theory Test: